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A film about Merton during the coronavirus pandemic, made collectively by its residents.

Merton Distancing Diaries is supported by the Merton Giving Fund 

    Here at Filmanthropy we make films and teach other people how to make films. Like everyone else, coronavirus has affected us. It's meant that we're stuck indoors, worried about our friends, family and neighbours, and unable to continue creating films. We've replaced the words 'lights', 'camera' and 'action' with strange new ones like 'frontline', 'pandemic' and 'unprecedented.' So, we've come up with a plan. We're going to make a film all about this strange time, but we need your help! As we're not allowed to go out and film, we need all of you to become our film crew. Filming scenes in your living rooms, kitchens and even during your daily exercise. ​ To help you do this, we will be releasing weekly tasks, as well as lots of helpful guides with tips and tricks about how to film the best content. Anyone and everyone can get involved. All you need is something you can record on - like a phone, tablet or webcam - and lots of creative ideas! You can join in at anytime and submit to any task, but it will work best if you start from task one. ​ Once lockdown is over and it is safe to do so, the film will be screened at a community event. Bringing everyone together to celebrate our survival, resilience and humanity during these challenging times. Before you begin, please make sure that you read the Rule Book below.
    Finished your creation? Now it's time to share it with the world and submit it to us, so that we can include it in the final film! To share with the world: Upload your creation to twitter or instagram Write a caption to describe to others what it’s all about Tag us @FilmanthropyUK and include the hashtag #MertonDistancingDiaries To submit to the film: Read the terms and conditions below Upload your file here
    Don’t worry, we’ve kept these super simple and short! Before submitting to this project, I have checked that all of the content in my contribution is suitable, free of sensitive information and all people featured consent to being involved. If I am under 18, or have featured anyone under 18, I have gained consent from a parent or guardian. By submitting to this project, I understand and agree that my contribution may appear on Filmanthropy’s website, social platforms and in a film. I understand that my contribution may also appear on the website and social platforms of Filmanthropy’s sponsors and partners.


Here are six tasks designed to help you to find creative ways to record what you are seeing, hearing and feeling during this unique time in human history. You can complete them at your own pace - monthly, weekly, daily or all in one go! Don't forget to share them with us by tagging us on socials (@FilmanthropyUK and/ or #MertonDistancingDiaries) and submitting here.

Super short videos full of tips and tricks to help you to complete the weekly tasks. Like you, we used our mobile phones to film video and record audio for these videos!



Here's a gallery of some of our favourite submissions so far. For your chance to feature, pick a task and submit to us here.


"It's made me feel really anxious, but I'm thankful that I can still be with my family."


'I am Covid'

AMMA K, 15 

"Everyday when I wake up I feel a little overwhelmed by the virus and it's impact.

So I try and remember my sources of power (family, positivity, gratitude, community) and this helps me get ready to start my day."

KATIE, 35 &

" We like to start our day by saying one thing that we're grateful for."

JANE, 59

" We had a socially distanced VE Day party in the garden. Celebrating with neighbours over the fence.


It was nice to get all dressed up, socialise and celebrate something."



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