Just like our popular Film Booth, Pop Up: Museum is our accessible and interactive introduction to social history collection and preservation.

Pop Up: Museum is supported by the Mayor of London's Culture Seeds

We install a portable, temporary Multimedia Production Studio in your space and transform your beneficiaries into Community Archivists.   Here, they are introduced to the tools needed to collect and preserve stories and artefacts - such as audio recorders, document scanners, gloves, and archival sleeves - as well as our video recording equipment.

Much of our understanding of ourselves in the present is based on our understanding of the past. This understanding is largely influenced by what has been written, recorded and archived. This gives great power to the individuals who assemble these records and what they deem worthy of protection. This workshop puts everyday people at the helm of documenting personal, family, local and regional histories

Like the idea of Pop Up: Museum but can't host us in your space? We're working hard to launch Archive Kits - mini, portable kits that allow you to recreate the concept in your own space and at your own pace.


The compact backpacks will include all of the equipment that you need as well as 'how to' guidance to allow you to take complete control of capturing your content.





We're currently setting up a brand new archive of our hometown of Merton and we'd like you to form a part of it!

Merton has a long, rich cultural story to tell - from its historic links to Lord Nelson and William Morris to it's diverse rich present community that include sizeable Traveller/ Gypsy, Ghanian, Polish, South Korean and Veteran populations.

We're looking for local people that want to add their voice to an archive that reflects the richness of the borough and the diverse stories of the people who call It home. By completing the statement "My Merton is..." 

To do this, we're visiting Merton-based organisations and spaces with our booth to capture peoples stories, photographs and artefacts. 


Are you interested in us visiting your space and engaging your beneficiaries completely free of charge? Sign up using the form below.