Just like our popular Film Booth, Archivist Academy is our accessible and interactive introduction to social history collection and preservation.

The pilot of Archivist Academy was supported by the Mayor of London's Culture Seeds

We install a portable, temporary Multimedia Production Studio in your space and transform your beneficiaries into Community Archivists.   Here, they are introduced to the tools needed to collect and preserve stories and artefacts - such as audio recorders, document scanners, gloves, and archival sleeves - as well as our video recording equipment.

Much of our understanding of ourselves in the present is based on our understanding of the past. This understanding is largely influenced by what has been written, recorded and archived. This gives great power to the individuals who assemble these records and what they deem worthy of protection. This workshop puts everyday people at the helm of documenting personal, family, local and regional histories


World-renowned landmark, Wimbledon, got in touch and asked us to help them to communicate their relevance to young people.

To do this, we invited some local young people, who had never been to the space before, to form a 'teen press team.' They became journalists for the day - discovering what goes on in the 352 days that The Championships arent on and capturing it all using creative media. From Centre Court to the Press Rooms and even the Wimbledon Museum underground Store - they had exclusive access to all areas and choose how they wanted to tell the story of this world-renowned landmark that is local to them. And they got to handle really cool things, like rackets from the 1940's, Coco Gauff's headband and even Serena Williams' trainers. 

They ended the day in our Film Booth, where they created their own TV show and documented everything that they had seen and heard. Their peer-to-peer content is now on display in the onsite Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, for all visitors to enjoy. 


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We're currently working with the National Trust to transform a disused space in Morden Hall Park into a youth-created, run and maintained community space. Together, we will engage young Merton residents in an exploration of nature, local history and multimedia training. Culminating in a public launch of a permanent exhibition.

Morden Hall Park is a unique location in the borough, where young people are being offered a space to claim as their own. Whether they choose to present their views on urban green spaces, nature and the climate, or the problematic history of snuff production, we will build their skills in representing ideas in artistic, engaging, and thoughtful ways. Exposing young people to physical spaces, in Merton and beyond, broadening horizons and promoting a sense of belonging in the borough.

This programme is open to 15-25 year old Merton residents. Please encourage eligible young people to sign up by 13th May 2022.

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