Our flagship workshop format, Pop Up: Film Booth, is an immersive and fun introduction to filmmaking that focuses on practical application and exploration.

We install a portable, temporary News Studio in your space and  transform your beneficiaries into a Production team. . Here, they learn all about the basics of Broadcast Journalism and content creation through the adoption of various production roles - like Director, Camera Operator, or Sound Engineer.


It is the perfect way to learn key and transferable skills whilst having lots of fun. Pop Up: Film Booth has been developed to complement the National Curriculum.

Due to the popularity and effectiveness of Film Booth, we have expanded the concept to include Pop Up: Photo Booth and Pop Up: Podcast Booth


The last couple of years have seen unprecedented changes to our communities - deepening the social, health, education and economic inequalities that many already faced. London Borough of Merton wanted to investigate the impact that the pandemic has had on their children and young people, to understand their views, opinions and experiences.


They asked us to bring the findings of the survey to life and communicate the key statistics to the young residents who took part in it.  Facilitated by Partnership for Young London, the survey had been designed and conducted by young people and we wanted to continue this youth-led ethos. So, we used Film Booth to train Merton's Young Inspectors and Youth Parliament in documentary filmmaking and put them to work capturing the experiences of their peers. 


The result is a short, peer-led film that investigates and highlights the experiences and needs of the boroughs young people. Combined with the survey report, it is being used to help the Council to plan and deliver services that will further assist young people in enhanced educational, employment and leisure opportunities. It will also provide schools with tailored, local data that is representative of their pupils; helping to inform further support for them.

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The Prince's Trust got in touch and asked us to create a fun, interactive way for the young people on their 'Ready to Work' programme to evaluate their time on the course.

To do this, we created a video diary booth and invited the young people to record their thoughts and feelings. The plan was for them to visit the booth throughout the course of their journey with Prince's Trust but, unfortunately, just as things were ramping up, the global covid-19 pandemic struck.


So, we worked with Prince's Trust and the young people on the programme, to put their footage to good use and still create a video that reflects their journey.