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31st January 2023

A message
from our Founder

Filmanthropy® was born out of a belief that visual and creative media have the potential to change the world for the better. And for the last 5 years, that’s the mission we have dedicated ourselves to.


From creating countless Citizen Journalists through our pop-up booths, to transforming storage rooms into exhibition spaces, or making politics genuinely accessible through Untelevised; we truly have shown that media can be a tool for social good.


And we haven’t done it alone! We’ve collaborated with organisations, big and small, to empower the people and communities they work with and amplify their voices. And we have run workshops and programmes in a variety of spaces, including shopping centres, public libraries, museums, youth centres, PRUs and advice centres for unaccompanied minors/refugees. Our unique approach has resulted in some multi-award-winning projects. And our Food and Fun workshop has been recognised as exemplary by the Department of Education. 


As the Founder and Managing Director of Filmanthropy, I am so proud that the dream I started as a 24-year-old has turned into a 6-figure social enterprise, that in many ways has achieved more than I imagined it could or would. Since its inception, Filmanthropy has grown from a small, Merton-based production company to a multi-faceted creative media company with international reach. As we approach our 6th birthday, now seems like the right time to pause, take stock and reset. So, between January and May 2023 we will not be taking on any new commissions, projects or bookings. We will instead be focusing on building our team and infrastructure to meet our expanding needs (as well as finalising work on lots of exciting existing projects!) We will come back, in May, just in time to celebrate our birthday month and share these new plans with you.


If you would like to stay updated with all of the goings on, whilst we’re away, and be the first to know when we’re back, make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter.

Thank you for your support in our past and present. We hope that you will continue to collaborate with us into our future.

Fisayo Fadahunsi 

May 2023 update: Thank you for your continued support. We are still not accepting any new public commissions until further notice. 

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